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Classic Corvette Auctions

Consulting: Buying and/or Selling a Corvette

Learn about the four main avenues to selling your car: Private party, Wholesale Dealer, Consignment and Public Auction. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each method? What is the right choice for your situation?

Classic, Rare, Vintage Corvette AuctionAre you considering purchasing or selling a vintage corvette at a collector car auction? As a Judge and as an existing client of the large auction houses, I can help guide you through the corvette buying or selling process which is unique to auctions. Learn the secrets that the auction houses and dealers don’t want you to know.

Most, but not all, auctions houses serve a specific clientele. The larger the auction house, the more likely you will find a broad mix of vehicles at many price points, anywhere from $5K into the millions. Smaller houses generally have inventory under $200K.

Entry fees also vary widely depending on the auction house size. Some auction companies permit both no reserve and reserve prices. Others all strictly no reserve or some form of hybrid depending on the reserve price set by the seller.

Some sellers use auctions to unload unwanted inventory. The ability of a potential buyer who may not be a classic corvette expert to conduct thorough due diligence is limited at an auction, principally because you cannot perform a test drive, put the vehicle on a lift or speak with the seller in many cases. Sellers with something to hide will never be at the vehicle to answer questions.

Through my corvette consulting service, I can educate you about auction house selection, commission structures, reserves, car placement, entry fees, house bids and what happens with an on-the-block no-sale.

Consignment sales are becoming a popular option for sellers who are uncomfortable with the idea of strangers coming to their house or who dislike negotiating.

Other options include Private party or Wholesale Dealer sales. Contact us to discuss what is the right choice for you.


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