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How we appraise a classic corvette

At VetteWork we conduct and arrive at our valuations from two perspectives.

The first is market value in how we appraise a classic corvette. We define this as the value at which a willing seller and willing buyer agree is a reasonable market price. Vehicles is this category may be “over-restored” in that they appear to be at a much higher quality standard than they originally appeared in the dealer showroom. After-market parts are common on these vehicles. Market value based vehicles generally have a broader appeal to the mass market buyer. This is one alternative related to how we appraise a classic corvette.

The second is a judged value in how we appraise a classic corvette, which is according to Bloomington Gold and NCRS standards. This may be, and often is, very different from a market value. These vehicles are judged to an originality standard, although many are restored with the intent to appear to be original. The closer to the original standard, the higher the judging award. Original appearing vehicles appeal to a certain subset of the market, but they are not for everyone. Highly original, low production, low mileage, high horsepower vehicles with authenticated documentation, ownership history, judging awards and an in-demand color combination will generally command the highest sale prices. Examples would include L88’s, ZR1 and ZR2’s, LS6’s, tankers, etc. This is a second alternative related to how we appraise a classic corvette.

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