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Corvette Appraisals

Do you need a valuation or appraisal for your corvette?

Is this documentation required for insurance purposes, in preparation for an estate sale, or to establish a value in order to sell your Corvette?

Perhaps you are unclear about the market value of your corvette?

Do you have a special or rare car with unusual options which is hard to value?

How much does an original drivetrain impact the value of your corvette? How about paperwork? Does that matter?

If are unsure about any of the above questions, the answer is the same for all of them. The experts at VetteWork!

Classic and Vintage Corvette AppraisalsHere is what you can expect with our Corvette Appraisal Services:

  • A market value approach based upon our expert opinion.
  • After you contact Vettework, an Appraisal Inspection Agreement is forwarded to you to execute.
  • Any lifts or method to raise the height of the car to inspect the chassis is the owner’s responsibility.

Corvette Appraisals

Our competition either contracts with third party vendors located throughout the country who know very little about corvettes or appraises vehicles from pictures while sitting in a remote office. Our competition sends an “appraiser” to do a cursory review. Unfortunately, this “expert” has rarely, if ever, appraised a classic corvette and has no clue what they are looking at. Go online and read their unsatisfactory reviews to learn more about these outfits. The result is either an incomplete or inaccurate appraisal value. Don’t risk discovering AFTER you have sold the car that the value these clowns quoted was far below the actual market value costing you thousands of dollars! But, they were cheap, right? Wrong, they cost you money!! So, before you look up online price guide values that are so generic they are useless, before you call your brother-in-law who "knows a guy", before you log on to the online forums to consult the “internet judges” and before you call a dealer, we suggest that we talk first. Once you have an independent evaluation, you will be armed with the knowledge, information and protection you need to move forward.

Give us a call today and you will be on your way to understating the value of your corvette in a matter of days!

VetteWork serves the United States and Canada.

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